Venture-Backed Corporate Spin-Offs

Utilizing our intellectual property portfolio, The Plain Sight Group has created equity value by partnering with institutional investors, such as STARTech Early Ventures, as well as high net worth individuals, to create multimedia, energy and other spin-offs.

Owl Music | “Finding Music Through Music”

Using our technology, Owl Music enables users to find and promote music using music (i.e., "Google for Music"). This means that unlike traditional text-based search engines, we are able to search music through the use of actual audio features. This allows consumers and businesses to discover music from artists, genres and even different languages that they have not discovered before, as they are not required to search and find music by specifying a song's title, artist or genre.

We are proud that Owl is powering music search at Creative Common alongside text search by Google, image search by Flickr and video search by BlipTV. The Owl Music search product has been well received by bloggers and others alike.

We are excited about Owl's algorithmic approach because it is scalable - important for the multibillion dollar global digital music market that exists and continues to transform. Additionally, Owl's technology better enables users to share music files and promote new music - valuable networking behavior similar to such multi-billion dollar sites as MySpace and Facebook.

Owl Energy | Chemical Feature Extraction in the Blended Ethanol Market

In March 2006, we incorporated and launched Owl Energy. Our focus was the creation of sensors that extract chemical features from massive amounts of digital data. Historically, PlainSight had worked with ExxonMobil in using PlainSight's information processing technology for seismic exploration. With Owl Energy, our goal is to measure real-time changes in chemical features, with our first efforts targeted at the blended ethanol market. We are thus leveraging not only our information processing technology, but our spectroscopy technology as well.

Owl Defense | Feature Extraction for the Digital Battlefield from Chemicals to Images to Situational Analysis of Targets

Our roots have been in developing defense technologies for the digital battlefield with the help of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funds. Because of our success, we are contemplating another spin-off focused on our strongest suit - national defense. Given our world class technology and reputation and customers such as LockheedMartin, Raytheon, United Technologies and the National Geospatial Agency, we believe such a spin-off would make a great platform company that would include future acquisitions. In this area, we can leverage our entire technology portfolio from electromagnetics (stealth design) to computational analytics (target recognition) to optics and spectroscopy (bioterrorism) to information processing of features (image search). Currently, we have a prototype of a chemical eye camera that we are working on together with LockheedMartin.