Intellectual Property Portfolio

One of the biggest problems of the digital age is not producing digital data but rather extracting relevant features/information - acoustic, imaging, chemical - from the clutter of digital data produced by various sensors or databases. PlainSight has been a pioneer in this area: DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projected Agency) resources have helped Plain Sight develop a world-class, proprietary intellectual property portfolio. Originally, many of our breakthroughs focused on defense problems of feature extraction such as target recognition and surveillance. The technology behind these breakthroughs have various commercial applications in multi-billion dollar industries such as music and image search.

Today, PSG owns 20+ patent and patent applications in fundamental areas such as information organization/search, electro-magnetics, electro-optics, computational analytics and spectroscopy that it is applying to various commercial sectors.

Products / Prototypes Previously Developed with Plain Sight Technology

Common Theme: Feature extraction from large scale digital data sets

By Plain Sight and its affiliated entities:

  • Owl Music Search Engine: Web based application enabling a consumer to discover new music based on similar features of other songs that consumers like.
  • Contextualization 1.0: Web tool that enables user to pre-filter searches based on context of personalized searches.
  • LeakVue: Wireless device used to detect the presence or absence of leaks in swimming pools and spas and other bodies of water. Currently being licensed to American Leak Detection.
  • MP3 Fitness Player: Prototype that enables consumer to measure heart rate while listening to music; used to enhance leisure / workout experience.
  • Tuned-light Microscope: Prototype hyperspectral imager developed. Analyzes automatically data from pathology slides with greater accuracy than standard manual processes.
  • Chemical Eye Camera: Proprietary tunable hyperspectral camera prototype developed for LockheedMartin to assist in long-range detection of chemical agents.

By Customers, Products Licensing Plain Sight technology:

  • Brainscope: Brainwave monitor for hospital emergency rooms w/ Brainscope, Inc.
  • Tuned-Light Calibration Instrument: Core ingredient of product produced by UK company Gooch & Housego.
  • Network Security: Alpha software application for modeling computer network behaviour.